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FORESIGHT FOR-GIVERS FOUNDATION is a Christian ministry founded with the primary mission of assisting at-risk citizens and those who have been incarcerated to rebuild their lives. Our clients and their needs are the focus of our efforts. We exist because broken people are repairable, regardless of the horrific nature or severity of their transgressions. Our objective is to assist each client accomplish five important growth goals:

  • Wholeness—achieving self-unity, spirit, mind and body, which enables the individual to function effectively and realize his full human potential
  • Wellness—maintaining healthy mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dispositions through a disciplined lifestyle
  • Purposefulness—having a clear and reasonable understanding of his identity with a practical working knowledge of why he exist and what he is gifted to do
  • Productivity—actively working employing his skills, talents, mental and physical abilities in a manner that supports himself/family and adequately fulfills his obligations
  • Prosperity—receiving the monetary benefits of consistent, meaningful and legitimate work that results in moving beyond lack and away from poverty

FORESIGHT FOR-GIVERS FOUNDATION is committed to family and community unifications by assisting men become taxpayers, homeowners, mentors of other, entrepreneurs and whatever other positive pursuit or venture their skills-set and passions pushes them to achieve.

FORESIGHT’s comprehensive ministry includes administrative and organizational structures, programs, operational procedures, marketing strategies, timelines, projections, and cost analyzes all designed to ensure that FORESIGHT accomplish its mission. FORESIGHT’s support schema is built around four primary sets of people:
1. Those who manage the day-to- day operations of Foresight’s programming and ministries.
2. Support personnel who donate time and money to Foresight’s operations and to the success of its clients.
3. Foresight clientele including those who participate in IPM & OPM and the Nazareth Man House.
4. The public-at- large and the communities our clients are affecting in positive ways.