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On the Road to Manhood, is an effective tool that will not only answer essential questions many men have, but will provide a clear map for entering that path and successfully traveling it.


A Christian ministry founded with the primary mission of assisting at-risk citizens and those who have been incarcerated to rebuild their lives.


 Establishing an open line of communication with you can help us improve this ministry. At Foresight For-Givers Foundation, your direct input matters—you matter! We want to hear from you.

Our Mission & Vision


Martin, the Executive Director, and Carolyn, the Executive Director of Counseling and Family Development work dutifully to provide a broad range of support for families and at-risk people, including ex-felons and felons. Their mission is to come along side those needing assistance reconnecting with God, family and the community.

We exist primarily because broken men and hurting families need help and healing. This Christian ministry is a mission of love, spiritual healing, redemption and restoration. The services we provide make it easier for at-risk men, including felons, to enter a safe place committed to their growth and well being. Foresight recognizes that a whole man living in the grace of the Lord will positively affect his family, make amends to victims of their crimes, work to strengthen the community, and ultimately help build the kingdom of God.

Nazareth Man House

A primary ministry of FORESIGHT FOR-GIVERS FOUNDATION is its mission to broken, at-risk men. Our hallmark team mentoring program engages well trained men qualified through righteous character and strong godly personality to teach, train, equip and empower a Nazareth Man to reach his full potential.

The phrase Nazareth Man was coined from a question asked by one of Jesus’ original disciples. When he first heard from his brother about the small, insignificant village were Jesus was raised, he asked, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” By use of the phrase “Nazareth Man” Foresight For-Givers Foundation affirms that something good can come out of unsuspecting places, even in the lives of broken men with difficult backgrounds. Many potentially good men have discovered the path to wholeness, wellness, purposefulness, productivity, and prosperity through this ministry.

” I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it unto me…”
Jesus Christ
(Matthew 25:40 NLT)


Videos of workshops, speeches, Bible Studies, round-table discussions and other sessions principally covering issues dealing with manhood and other male-related studies are produced by Foresight For-Givers Foundation to encourage men to work toward a better and productive lifestyle. These videos provide valuable information for family and friends of at-risk men, felons and ex-felons with insightful and helpful tools for encouraging broken men to seek renewal and restoration.


Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!

We love you and look forward to seeing you again and worshiping together. Happy Resurrection Day. It was some 1,988 years ago today that our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) came forth victoriously from the grave… HE IS KING OF kings and LORD OF lords! HE IS...

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